05 July 2012

Review: J.R. Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve Lavender

I wanted to like this salve. I love the scent of lavender and who doesn't like a good hand & cuticle salve. Unfortunately, this salve by J.R. Watkins did not live up to my expectations. 

What?   A hand and cuticle salve in a round metal tin with lid.

Where from?  Birchbox with my 20% off for my 6 months anniversary with them.

How much?   ca. $8.99 for 2.1 oz (59 g)

The packaging is adorable. 

I like the tin. It adds to the nostalgic feel of the salve. Problem is, though, that the lid is on there real good - too good, if your hands are a bit wet or greasy. A better choice would have been perhaps to add one of those twist fly cleat thingies to help lift the lid (like they have on shoe polish).  But that's not the deal breaker for me.

Of course, I can't give you smell-a-blogging yet, or you'd already know what the problem is. Take a look at the list of ingredients. Eucalyptus oil. Pungent, all-overpowering Eucalyptus. 
I don't mind Eucalyptus; it does have its place in my world. But not in my LAVENDER hand salve, please. And if you have to add Eucalyptus to the salve, then you should add it to the description on the front. Above the Lavender, to be precise. Or omit the Lavender altogether, because it faints, if not dies, under the weight of the massive Eucalyptus. It's a pity. The way it is, it could almost double as a mild Vick Vapo Rub. 

In the two pictures above you may be able to see the consistency of the salve. Best I can describe it is oily-slushy, kind of wet-ish. It's not really solid; if you put it on its side and tap, the salve will shift and gather on the side. 

Once applied, the salve leaves a film on the hands that is a bit greasy and slippery. At the same time my hands did not feel moisturized, on the contrary, I felt like I needed to add some moisturizer. Weird. 

What I like: 

  • The packaging is adorable. 
  • The lavender scent, however hidden under all the eucalyptus
  • Natural ingredients, no preservatives. 

What I don't like:  

  • The strong eucalyptus fragrance. 
  • The fact that it contains eucalyptus at all.
  • I didn't feel it's moisturizing (enough).
  • The tin can be a pain to open, if your hands are greasy or wet.

Final Thoughts:
Lose the eucalyptus, add a better moisturizing agent!  ;P

Have you tried this salve? Do you have a favorite hand & cuticle moisturizing product?