02 July 2012

Look What I Found at the Dollar Tree

If you have been subscribed to Birchbox for a while, you may have received one or two of those twistband hair ties and/or head bands. Maybe you even mistook it for packaging and threw it away.

If not, let me explain. Twistbands are made of soft elastic strips that are simply knotted together to form a hair tie or head band. After all the uproar from the BB subscribers about receiving them, I was skeptical. But when I received one myself in a couple of my boxes and tried them around the house for a while, I admit I have grown to like them. Granted, they're not the most sophisticated looking, what with the simple knot and all, but you can't really beat the softness of them. As I said, around the house I love them.

Twistband hair bands cost around $4 on their homepage and around $3 at BB; the hair ties cost around $2 at Twistband and around $1.60 at BB. A piece, that is.

Having trudged myself into a Dollar Tree for the first time in many months for some cheapo glass bowls, I find myself piling my basket full of all the knick-knacks I just have to have, after all it's all 'just' a dollar, right? Anyway, look what I found in the hair accessories department:

a pink twistband hair tie for comparison

Granted, they're a -to me- no-name brand, but trust me, they're exactly the same as the original. Six hair bands, three black and three dark brown - guess how much?

You see, that's a running joke thing in my house. When my husband and I were first in a DT, we'd browse the shelves and whenever we found something we liked we'd ask the other, 'how much is this?' only to have it dawn on us that it's all exactly one dollar - unlike all the other stores with 'dollar' in the name.

I am a happy camper with my dupe hair bands and my little glass bowls. Just goes to show it pays to check out your local dollar store every now and then; you'll never know what you'll find.

What about you? Have you scored some cool bargains in a dollar store recently?